Property Management

Property Management

Our Property Management team focuses on keeping client's assets well maintained, tenanted and delivering maximum return by reducing operational expenses and increasing revenue potential. We aid in providing a perfect match of landlord and tenant and thus fulfilling the need of both the ends. We employ experienced property managers who are well trained in all facets of property management as well as training of the Do's and Don'ts of tenant selection. We strive to minimize vacancies and identify new opportunities that will create value from your portfolio. Our experienced property managers maintain best practices and build long-term relationships with landlords and enhance asset value by regular upkeep. We complement property management with facilities management, helping our clients realize savings in the operation and maintenance of their property portfolio while meeting their service standards and sustainability goals.

Tenant Identification:


Our Property Management team believes in providing end to end solution to our clients. With our local market expertise we provide the client with the shortlisted potential tenants after proper marketing of the property through advertisement in different media. Our team ensures a formal handover of property from landlord to tenant, including all necessary paperwork to make the transition efficient. During this process, the property is critically inspected to ensure the smooth contractual fulfillment.



Administration and Dispute Resolution:


In order to effectively manage your property, a Property Administrator is assigned. The Property Administrator will handle all complaints being submitted by tenants related to maintenance or any incidents pertaining to property. We ensure a proper follow up of any kind of complaint, requests and incidents and resolve it smoothly to maintain good tenant relations. The Property Administrator deals with the collection of all rental cheques and deposits them to the Property Owner's account. In case a cheque is returned, the matter is promptly followed up with the tenant and authorities



Lease management:


With our robust information system we do the comprehensive financial reporting to the owners. The Property Administrator maintains proper documentation related to any financial transaction, rent receipts, commencement, expiry details, arrears & renewal of all leases. In order to have an efficient communication we take the requests from tenants and all such requests is submitted to the Property Owner for consent along with our recommendations and all of the necessary information regarding the request. During the day-to-day running of your property, the Property Administrator will identify any breaches of the lease agreement or rules and regulations of the unit by the tenants. 

Accordingly we advise on the appropriate course of action for each individual case.



Property Maintenance:


Throughout the duration of each tenancy in your property, the Property Administrator will conduct regular internal and external inspections. These inspections will ensure that tenants are maintaining the property, as well as detect any minor maintenance issues that may arise. If your property does happen to require maintenance, we make proper arrangement for such maintenance to be undertaken in a professional manner with minimum of inconvenience to tenant.

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